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Hyper rack gives hyper results!!!

I love this rack. It can handle heavy weights with ease, but folds away to park my car. Best investment in my health ever!!! Love how easy it was to install and it is beefy and handles 390 lbs squats like a champ. Beast mode activated!

Worth every penny

Amazing equipment and awesome customer service. They really take care of their customers. Comparable if not better than anything else on the market. Was easy to assemble solo and given me the drive to workout again.

Mammoth Squat Stand
Ethan Buckmier
Squat rack

Looks great in the garage. Super solid. Had a part that didnt line up right when putting it together. The sales rep met me the next day with a replacement. Great customer service.

Spotter arms

Solid construction. Easy and quick to move around.

Burly and beefy

These things are built solid and hold the weight as advertised.

Doesn't fit my raxk

Seems like a solid product, unfortunately, I can't use them because they don't fit my Valor Fitness rack.

Mammoth Squat Stand

I ordered the MSS in October 2020 and I am very happy with it. I use it multiple times per week for bench and for shrugs with the spotter arms I added. It is solid and simple to put together. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a squat stand.

Quality storage

Just picked this up from the warehouse and put it together in about 15 minutes. This thing is rock solid and unlike some other plate storage solutions for sale, comes with even spaced pegs to store same size diameter weights. With more equipment off the floor, I can grow my home gym! Stop looking, this is the one.

Just what I was looking for

I got a 3" x 3" upright 11 gauge steel short squat rack from a local equipment maker here in Atlanta. (Lynx Barbell) They do not offer spotter arms for the rack, so I searched far and wide to find a quality pair that would not only fit but was fairly priced and not branded. These arms fit great and provide the safety and variance that I was looking for to complete the centerpiece of my garage setup.

Amazing Rack

Our hyper folding wall mount Rack is awesome! I’m very thankful I went with this style Rack for my garage gym. Gives us plenty of space above the rack. if I want to fold it up and use the area for HIT I can. Can’t wait to see what else you guy produce for attachments in the future.

Mammoth Squat Rack

Fast delivery, quick set up, all the correct hardware. Sturdy and simple. Exactly what I need for my workouts. Thanks Burli!

Hyper Safety Spotter Arms
George A Schmid
Awesome Spotter Arms

Just what I needed for my Titan Fitness T-3 Series Short Squat Stand. I would have purchased a Burlifit squat stand, but they didn't have one that would fit in my basement that only has 72" ceilings. But their Spotter Arms fit perfectly and are solid. I can squat knowing these Arms have my back should I fail and need them. Definitely heavy duty enough. And they look great on my Stand as well. They are priced right, high quality, built right here in the US, and arrived within days of me placing my order - even during the busy holiday shipping season and all the backlog at the USPS. I could not be happier. Highly, highly recommend.

Pull-up Bar System
Jon Schafer
Heavy duty in the best way

I found Burli on Instagram while looking for a garage pull up bar. I'm in Portland, so the idea of picking it up was a huge perk. Not only that, the craftmanship of this is top-notch. Example: the actual bar is SOLID steel, not hollow. That means there's no flex or give when you hang on it. I got the install kit which I advise getting. It's more money, but knowing what screw length and size was nice not to think about or hunt down in a crowded Home Depot during a pandemic. Pro tip: use a 3/4" socket to make install faster.

Excellent, quality product; super fast shipping, and the best customer service

I purchased multiple products- the hyper extending rack, dip bar, and spotter arms. Not only did I receive the products very quickly, they are quality built. I wasn't sure I'd be able to swing on the rack pull up bar without movement because of the folding capabilities but it works perfectly. And to top it off, I got a super cute crop sweatshirt to rep Burli. :) Thank you!

Perfect fit!

Bought these for my rogue s-2 squat stand as rogue has been out of stock for months. Needless to say, they fit perfectly and I can’t recommend enough.

Works like a charm

Fits my titan t3 rack with no issues

Sturdy, safe, looks great

Got these to go with my Mammoth rack and they're exactly what you'd hope. They fit snuggly so there's no wobble and of course, they provide the safety that you need. I also use mine for rack pulls and functional isos, so the UHWM plastic liner is great to avoid metal-on-metal contact between the barbell and the rack.

Perfect as expected

I've looked at a couple of weight trees and a couple of them look very light and cheap. The Burli weight tree is heavy and built extremely well. The spacing between the weights are perfect and the tree is engineered spot on. The Burli Weight Tree is perfect as expected!!

Great Company, Incredible Craftsmanship

Due to Covid and personal drive my friend and I set out to each build a commercial quality home gym. With a month of searching my friend finally settled on a new company called Burli conveniently located right across the river from us. After a month or so he had his and we set on assembling it. I was very impressed with the quality of the structure and finishing of the CNC work. Burli has made sure to debur all CNC'd area which makes for a very high quality and professional finish. This led me to reach out to the Burli team and see what they could do for me. I have a very small garage gym floor space which is why I wanted to get the Hyper Folding Rack. But not only did I need it to fold up when not being used I also needed it to accommodate a 5ft barbell or what they call a "unrackable" barbell. Burli reached out and blew me out of the water with the amount of detail and measuring they did to make this modification.

Upon receiving my modified folding rack the first thing I noticed was how polished and clean the welds were. It is clear that Burli takes the upmost pride in their craftsmanship and I would recommend this product and any other Burli product to any of my friends and family looking to make a home or garage gym.

Safety spotter arms

Quality is on point...very happy with goin with these...i use them on my rogue lite rack....

Works Perfectly!

I have a Rogue S-1 squat rack that is fairly simple with no spotter arms. Rogue's "Infinity Safety Spotter Arms" have been sold out for a long while now and I was happily surprised to find Burli's "Hyper Safety Spotter Arms" that would fit the rack. They are around the same price point with Burli being slightly cheaper even prior to shipping (ISSA run $135 + ship). I have no issues with the quality or aesthetic of the spotter arms. They have very similar features to the ISSA and I expect to get lots of good use out of them. The HSSA have a bottom pin that has a more secure attachment in my opinion than the ISSA. There is a fairly sizable cotter pin that holds them in place, opposed to simple tensioned buttons that the ISSA use. That being said, if you don't want to take the time to insert/remove the pin, then maybe look at another option. One small thing I noticed with the HSSA I received is that one was bowed slightly so that it sits away from the rack instead of flush. However, there's not an issue during use, and the pin secures it anyways. The UHMW is placed similarly for both the ISSA and HSSA. Overall I'm impressed so far and can definitely recommend Burli!

Fits Other Major Brand, Great Return Service / Problem Fixing

First: One of the pins on the spotter arms arrived damaged in shipping. Burli immediately emailed me a return label and shipped out a replacement ASAP. High marks for fixing the problem immediately with minimal hassle. I understand that things happen. The sign of a great company is how they deal with issues and treat their customers. I'm very satisfied with my interactions with customer support and the speed at which they corrected the issue (especially in light of pandemic problems and air choking fires which disrupted West coast businesses during that time-frame).

Second: The arms are well built and fit my 2x3 pillar squat rack (the "S-1" by a major manufacturer spelled similar to rouge). The other brand has been out of spotter arms for at least 8 months. Happy to find another USA manufacturer.

Does the job!

Put these on my r0gue s2- never heard of Burli till I needed spotter arms. They do the job and mine go on easy. For the dude who got a bad one, I would talk to Eric.

They also come with pins to lock them into place. I dropped 225 from the squat video on to them, and they caught it. The rack didn’t move or shake. The shipping took a while cause they made them fresh, but it was worth the wait. Now I don’t have to go back to the gym and pay membership for sub par equipment.

Definitely solid.

These things are built pretty damn solid. My only gripe is the quality control could be a little better. I waited over a month for these and when they arrived, one of them fit my rack perfectly and the other would barely go over the upright without beating it on. It turns out that the distance between the back of the spotter arm and the bracket that hooks around the upright is 3-1/8" on one of my spotter arms and barely 3" on the other. I know an 1/8" doesn't sound like much but when the upright is 3" wide and distance between the bracket and the arm is 3" wide it makes for a tight fit. Overall these things are pretty damn solid and serve their purpose so I would still recommend them.

Great Rack!

I have been getting better acquainted with my Mammoth Squat, at first I was like a kid in a candy store, trying everything, dips, bench press, SQUATS, now will settle back to more regular strength training. I will say, the folks at Burli were super nice, friendly & helpful before & after purchase. AND during assembly! I assembled on a Sun with a friend, sent a question, and got a response on Sun! Very accessible and a pleasure to work with. I recently purchased the weight stor pegs, which I expect to add some sturdiness for other movements off the rack, i.e. band work, and Landmine exercises. Shipping time was ahead of schedule too. Nothing but positive for this rig, and the people at Burli.